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Bullet Train

Movies December 10, 2022

Momomon in Bullet Train - Scott Garfield

I had, like, all of my clothes to fold, so for a bit of ambiance slapped on Bullet Train (2022), the new beat-em-up from David Leitch (John Wick, Deadpool 2, etc), streaming on Netflix.

It checked all the boxes for me. Brad Pitt plays a dopey assassin who has been working on himself (“Hurt people hurt people,” my favorite of many great deadpanned one-liners); Bad Bunny makes a desparate cameo; Bryan Tyree Henry’s Lemon, a hardcore killer with a dark past who learned to read people from watching Thomas the Tank Engine, oozes with pathos.

The ensemble cast of all stars gives it a kind of Oceans 11 (2001) vibe, a sense that everyone here is genuinely doing this just for fun, so that they can hang out. A large part of the pleasure of watching this film derives from little jolts of recognition – “Oh! Look! It’s Michael Shannon!”

A very pleasant nothing to fold clothes to.

Bad Bunny stars in Bullet Train. - Scott Garfield